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Buster Props was originally formed in December of 2014 as a personal cosplay page for Ryan, and remained that way for almost a year.  It was after that year that Ryan decided to take a huge leap toward fulfilling a personal dream; making money with his prop building.  That was when Buster Props became a business entity instead of a personal page.

In January 2016, Buster Props opened their Etsy shop, hoping to bring high quality props to the costuming world at affordable prices.

Jon was brought into the fold along the way.  

Jon is our sculptor and chances are, if you ordered a helmet or cowl from us, he is the one that cast it.  

Ryan handles the 3D printed parts, as well as casting and finishing our casey Jones masks.  He is also the man behind all the social media and Etsy relations, so if you messaged us, chances are it was Ryan you talked to.

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